Swedish Linseed Oil

Have worked with linseed oil for the last 20 year in multiple projects and have always recommend it.

For some years took for granted that linseed oil was always natural, one day looking in the label discovered that had additives some have manganese others have a combination of cobalt manganese salts to make the oil dry faster.

In NYC was difficult to get all natural linseed oil in paint stores, was in art stores where was available up to 3 times the value of the oil with additives.

High House Design gets its boiled linseed oil from Sweden has a very high content of linolenic acid, up to 80% compared with the 30% from Southern Europe, making the oil naturally quick drying. This oil has no additives and is surprisingly light in colour even if is not refined or bleached.

This linseed oil is fragrant and not over powering, this is the first time I encounter a linseed oil with this characteristic.

The viscosity is very light and golden in colour.

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