Product Care

HHD Oy products are made of untreated wood and finished with natural Swedish linseed oil or painted with linseed oil manufactured by HHD Oy or our Swedish manufacturer.

Wood products need to be cleaned with a clean cloth using any of this solutions:

  • Water and linseed oil soap, follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Water and Olive soap also known as black soap, like Marius Fabre.
  • Water and pumpkin soap, follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Murphy's soap, follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Any natural soap safe for wood will do, or water if is just dust.

Soak a cloth or a rag in the solution and expel the excess so is just damp, proceed to wipe in the direction of the grain. Is best if rag is lint free.



Once a year or depending on the use and/or the times that the product is cleaned, apply Natural Swedish linseed oil to keep wood and finish in top shape. This linseed oil is recommended because does not have any additives or desiccant making it safe and non toxic.

Be ware that rags used to apply linseed oil need to be washed with soapy water and let to dry extended, also can be left to dry extended with out washing them. 

High House Design sells natural Swedish linseed oil! Give it a try!