Rentals Terms & Conditions

How to Rent

Shop Rentals on hourly basis are booked on line.

Shop Rentals long term are negotiated via email.

All Rentals are available only in Helsinki, Finland., and are intended for in shop use only.


An hour of introduction is required prior to rent the wood shop, the €30 + VAT cost will be credited towards the first rental that can proceed right after if is availability

Clients aka Renters

Renters need liability insurance and are required to make a refundable deposit of €400 and must have no standing balance to do a rental booking.  

A cordial and respectful treatment is expected from The Renter and High House Design Oy, if this is not the case the rental agreement will be cancel ipso facto. A partial refund will be made taking in to account the time spent.

The Renter has the responsibility to hand over the space when the time is over and in the condition it was given. A €30 cleaning fee will be charged if the shop is not in the original condition.

High House Design Oy aka Provider

High House Design Oy will provide The Renter with a clean, safe, fully functioning and ready to use woodworking shop. All blades will be sharp, surfaces clean and free of rust, dust extractor will be empty, up to 1 micron air cleaner, fire extinguisher, First Aid kit, refrigerator, restroom, 

The shop is Atex certificated.


Rental prices include VAT and are subject to change with out notice, booked times will not be affected by price changes.

Allowed Materials & Work

The shop is exclusively for working with solid wood and plywood. 

Non VOC finishes like.- oil finishes, waxes, shellac, milk paint, water based paints, epoxy paints, epoxy casting, linseed oil paints, alcohol based products... 

Banned Materials & Work

Materials Banned

MDF, Particle board, Composite board, fire resistant board, Plastic laminated boards, pressure treated wood, plaster boards, cement boards...

Work & Activities Banned

Welding, open flame, spray painting, solvent based paints, lacquer, VOC emitting finishes, 

Damages & Missing Tools

Renters have the responsibility to report any damage to the machines and pay for repairs and/or resharpening services.

Wood should be free of nails, sand, rocks and all foreign material, any damage to machines, tools, blades or surfaces will be charged to The Renter.

Damaged or missing power and hand tools will be charged to The Renter. Is the responsibility of The Renter to make sure the power and hand tools are in good condition, if The Renter finds any damage, missing tools, accessories or else. needs to notify High House Design Oy immediately by phone and/or email. 


Consumables are by definition sandpaper, sander pads, drill bits, brushes, rags, filters... The Renter is responsible to bring its own consumables unless he wishes to buy or rent them.

Used sand paper and other consumables are available for use at free of charge in the free shelf.


The Renter is fully responsible of its own actions and omissions.

Do not perform work if tired.

Do not perform work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.

Do not use machinery if something seems damaged or misaligned, contact High House Design Oy immediately.