Professional Woodworking Club Membership

Professional Woodworking Club Membership

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This monthly membership gives you 24 hrs access Monday to Friday.


Otto Martin T-70 table saw with 45cm blade and 330 cm slider with hydraulic blade adjustment. 5.5kw Motor.

Otto Martin T-42 Thickness planer 63cm wide and 25cm high electrically adjusted 5.5kw motor.

Otto Martin T-51 B Joiner 51cm wide working surface and hydraulic adjustment table. 5.5 kw motor.

Maka 700 Band saw with a 4Kw motor.

Rapid chain saw trencher with 4 chain sizes.

2.2 Kw drill press.

Festool Kapex KS 60

Festool CT 23 HEPA Vacuum 

Professional benches Ulmia and Hercules.

All machines connected to a dust collector with automatic filter cleaner and air cleaner.

All machines are tuned with sharp blades and ready to go.

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