Collection: The Palacios Stencil Collection Prints

The Palacios Stencil Collection consists of +900 stencils for colouring tiles. Made on brass sheet metal and cut by hand, making them unique pieces on their own.

The stencils belonged to a tile factory in Mexico City. Was operating from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. The factory closed and an antiquarian from La Lagunilla bought them. My father and avid collector of antiques got them from him in the 1980.

To this day the tiles made with this stencils are on buildings in the historical city centre. Notably, in a monument called The Ottoman Clock. Gifted in 1910 to the people of México by the Ottoman community. Commemorates the 100 years of independence and the kind welcome Méxicogave the emigrants of the Ottoman Empire looking for a better life.

Currently exploring the possibilities of the collection by making intaglios and printing on fabric. Working towards making wall paper.

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Stencil photograph in black and white of a palace design with stylised crowns

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